Sitting at the Feet of My Fathers ~ Hermann Sasse (Christian Faith & God’s Freedom)

“As parents never can warrant the faith of their children, no single generation of the Church can guarantee the faith of the next generation. It is not faith, but superstition, if I assume that because we have Christian schools, colleges, faculties, parishes, catechism, confessions, a ministry for the administration of the means of grace, the […]

IS THERE GOOD NEWS FOR DISABLED PEOPLE?   Is there room at the font and the table for children with disabilities? What about adults? Is there space for a disabled baby in the water? Is there a chair at the table for someone who’s mentally disabled? For Christians, the question strikes at the foundation of what it means to be called […]

What’s The Church For, Anyway?

Therefore sanctifying is nothing else than [the Holy Spirit] bringing us to Christ to receive this good [knowing, believing on, and obtaining Christ for our Lord], to which we could not attain of ourselves… Everything, therefore, in the Christian Church is ordered to the end that we shall daily obtain there nothing but the forgiveness […]

Bread From Beggar’s Hands ~ August 8, 2016

Curved in on ourselves, we naval-gazing sinners aren’t known for a willingness to accept the Truth. We pretend there’s no problem. We refuse to accept that there’s things we can’t change. We flee from God rather than accept Him as God for us. We spend a huge amount of time and energy struggling against ourselves […]