Don Immanuel’s Fear

There is a story by Unamuno in which a priest, living in a small Spanish village, is adored by all the people for his piety, kindness, and the majesty with which he celebrates the Mass each Sunday. To them he is already a saint. It is a foregone conclusion, and they speak of him as […]

Sitting at The Feet of My Fathers ~ Hermann Sasse (Clearly Defining the Gospel Promise & Gift)

The sixteenth century spoke a much clearer and more precise language. These Lutherans clearly defined the gospel as the promise and gift of forgiveness for Christ’s sake. Nothing else. The Calvinists clearly said that they agreed with the forgiveness part, but forgiveness for them was never without sanctification.  In our century, Karl Barth insisted on […]

Nothing is ever quite as bad as it could be

“Pastor, you know I adore you, but when you preach could you be more earnest? And enthusiasm… you’re not very enthusiastic. And, if you could, only tell me things I won’t mind forgetting,” she said.  “Make it sincere,’ she said, ” that’s important, but make it useless stuff… or skip it!” 
“Maybe,” I said, “what you’d like.. what you’d prefer is… […]

Sermon on Luke 17:13 ~ You Can Never Have Too Much Jesus

Click here for sermon audio:   “‘Jesus, Lord, have mercy on us.’” In the Name + of Jesus. AMEN. “‘Jesus, Lord, have mercy on us.’” Will He or won’t He? After all, the men who cry for mercy are quarantined. Segregated. Not part of the community or congregation. They’re unclean. Parts of their body […]