Litany of the Ascension

P: O Lord, C: have mercy on us. P: O Christ, C: have mercy on us. P: O Lord, C: have mercy on us. P: O Christ, hear us. C: O Christ, graciously hear us. P: O Holy Trinity, Three Persons, and One God, C: have mercy on us. P: Jesus, King of Glory, who […]

Psalm 66 w/intro, text & meditation

Introduction: The 66th psalm is a psalm of thanks for the general blessing that God often delivers and protects His people out of the hand of the enemies, as He did at the Red Sea. The histories in the books of the Judges and Kings are full of these deliverances, which He also does daily […]

For Christians in Time of Spiritual Distress

from Martin Luther’s ‘Table Talk,’ November 30, 1531 “When I was in spiritual distress a gentle word would restore my spirit. Sometimes my confessor said to me when I repeatedly discussed silly sins with him, ‘You are a fool. God is not incensed against you, but you are incensed against God. God is not angry, […]

Let’s Pray the Litany Daily: Kyrie Eleison!

I’ve long enjoyed praying the Litany. Luther did too. The prayer has an amazing longevity in the church, having found its form by the 6th century (Gregory the Great regularized it). Luther removed a few un-evangelical aspects, but retained the prayer nearly in toto, even rendering it into German and proving an original chant tone. […]

John 14:1-14 w/translation & brief outline

John 14: 1-14) Don’t let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in Me. In My Father’s house there are many dwelling places; but if not, I would have told you, because I AM going away to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, […]

Psalm 146 w/intro, text and meditation

Introduction: The 146th psalm is a psalm of thanks. It teaches at the same time that one should trust in God and not in rulers, as the abominable world, flesh, and blood do. For God is the only one who can truly help in all kind of need, and He helps so that it can […]